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A Short History of IAUCTB


Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch is the very first branch established under the university system which is known as Islamic Azad University, so its history can be traced back to the foundation of the university.

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani sought to establish a private university to address the challenges posed during early years of Iranian Revolution -such as Cultural Revolution- and to meet increasing demands of secondary-school graduates for higher education in Iran. On the sidelines of an Islamic Republican Party conference, Rafsanjani mooted the idea with Abdollah Jasbi, who supported and developed the plan to establish Islamic Azad University.

On its early days, the university lacked sufficient funds and facilities to operate, sorely opening relying on donations made by people and government. The initial endowment was about 100,000 Rials.

Jasbi rented No. 155 building in Forsat Shirazi St., while Nassir Shekarriz and Mahmoud Latifipour – who were in charge as Chancellor and Vice Chancellor respectively – rented the 6th floor of a building located in Enqelab St., Felestin St. in order to hold an entrance exam in 1982. This university began as the Islamic Azad University of Tehran when it opened the doors to about 200 students, offering six majors in bachelor's degree and two in associate degree. Soon after, the whole building in Enqelab St. was purchased from Mostazafan Foundation of Islamic Revolution and became the university's first property. (Current Faculty of Arts and Architecture)


“Innovative, Entrepreneur, Pioneer in the country’s economic, social and cultural affairs”


  • Growth and development of culture and entrepreneurial knowledge through the utilization of new technologies, educational and research innovations.

  • Growth and development of scientific and applied researches to meet the scientific and technological requirements of the nation.

  • Training committed, creative and experienced entrepreneurs.


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