AVR Microcontroller

Activity: AVR Microcontroller Course

Number of Attendees: 15

Venue: Class number 514, on the 5th floor of IAUCTB Engineering Faculty

Date: Each Sunday, from 14 February to 24 May - 2016

Duration: 1 pm to 3:30 pm

Organized by: IEEE IAUCTB-SB

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IEEE IAUCTB-SB in association with Digital Electronics Chapter has conducted a hands-on course on AVR microcontroller. It is being hosted by Reza Saqi, a Master of Science student of Electronic engineering at IAUCTB.

Now, what is AVR microcontroller and why should every Electrical engineer master it?

An AVR microcontroller is a type of device manufactured by Atmel. A microcontroller has most of computer features built-in to a single chip and many components can be connected directly to the AVR. The AVR deals with data in 8-bit chunks as its data bus is 8-bit wide, although there is now an AVR32 with 32-bit bus. AVR must have a program installed to be any use. This program is stored in memory built-in to the AVR. Loading this program into the AVR is done with an AVR programmer, usually when the AVR is in a circuit or system. So your mission is to learn how to program AVR microcontroller.

Why is it so important to learn? As it is one of the first and easiest microcontrollers, it will be more convenient for you to start learning to program microcontrollers with this easy chip.

But first of all, you should know your goal. If you’ll need this knowledge in your future projects or career, so go for it and we’ll help you in every possible way.


Created at: 2016-03-27 22:00:23

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