Writing Technical Papers

Activity: Writing Technical Papers Workshop

Venue: Amphitheater, on the 6th floor of IAUCTB Engineering Faculty

Date: 24 Dec 2009

Organized by: IEEE IAUCTB-SB

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IEEE IAUCTB-SB has conducted a workshop about Technical Papers. This workshop held on 24 Dec 2009 by Dr. Fardad Farokhi’s leadership.

Now, do you know what technical paper is and why you have to know how to write it?

If you care about your education and want to have some researches in your field of study, it’s better for you to start reading technical papers in your major. But it’s so tiring to read a whole paper. So what should you do and how?

What does it mean to have a general review of the text? How will you get some interesting ideas to be able to write your own paper?

And at the end, what are the different parts of a technical paper and also what are the different formats to write a paper?


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Did you know?


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