High-Performance Extreme Learning Machines: A Complete Toolbox for Big Data Applications

HP-ELM toolbox trains ELMs fast on any hardware, with GPU acceleration for extremely large models.

This paper presents a complete approach to a successful utilization of a high-performance extreme learning machines (ELMs) Toolbox for Big Data. It summarizes recent advantages in algorithmic performance; gives a fresh view on the ELM solution in relation to the traditional linear algebraic performance; and reaps the latest software and hardware performance achievements. The results are applicable to a wide range of machine learning problems and thus provide a solid ground for tackling numerous Big Data challenges. The included toolbox is targeted at enabling the full potential of ELMs to the widest range of users.

This paper appears in: Access, IEEE, Issue Date: 2015, Written by: Akusok, A.; Bjork, K.-M.; Miche, Y.; 

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